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5 Big Tips for Selling a Luxury Home in Alpharetta

Atlanta SOLD Sisters
Feb 21 4 minutes read

There's a huge difference between selling luxury homes and selling homes in a middle-class suburb, yet there are definitely similarities in the process. Both types of buyers want a home that fits their needs. Selling a luxury home in Alpharetta means appealing to the right buyer for that particular area and type of home. These tips should help if you're trying to sell your home to a high-end home buyer.

First Impressions

When you're selling a luxury home, it's vital that the curb appeal captures the buyer's interest as soon as they pull up at the property. If you're touting a high-end luxury home, it should look that way from the moment the potential buyer sees it. The staging should include upscale furnishings and the latest in decor items. The goal is to help the buyer envision his or her family living there. If you have extra rooms, it can be advantageous to turn them into an office, media room or gym for the buyers to understand what the home has to offer.

Create a Buyer Profile for Selling a Luxury Home in Alpharetta

Selling to a luxury home buyer means understanding the way they think, what they'll like and what they expect in a luxury home. Create a profile for the buyer who would want to purchase your home. Ask yourself questions. What would she want in the kitchen? Are walk-in closets important to her? Does he need a media room? The buyer profile will help you and your agent when selling a luxury home in Alpharetta. Below is a list of potential must-have amenities:

  • Spa bathroom
  • Inground pool
  • Game or media rooms
  • Home office
  • Chef's kitchen
  • Gym or exercise room
  • Stunning view

Be a Perfectionist

Preparing your home to be put on the market means ensuring that there are no issues. Don't leave areas unpainted with the idea that no one will notice. High-end, luxury buyers will notice every detail. You'll need to be a perfectionist and eye the entire property critically. Don't leave any areas untouched when it comes time to put your home on the market. It has to be perfect to demand luxury prices. If you've been waiting to perform upgrades, you should do that before you put it on the market to demand the best prices. It's likely that if you want that upgrade, so will your potential buyers.

Price Appropriately from the Start

While you might want 3 million dollars for your property, you have to make sure the price you set is within reasonable limits for your location, the type of home and what the market can handle in the moment. A luxury real estate agent can help you price your home appropriately. You don't want the home to sit any longer than necessary, and even worse, you don't want the house to have to be reduced to sell.

Trust Your Agent

With a luxury home, you have to be sure you're trusting the agent you've hired. There's no sense fighting your agent if you trust her. She knows what will sell your home, and she understands the market for your type of home. When an agent and client are working together towards a common goal, which is selling the home, there has to be honesty and willingness to place trust in the professionals.

If you'd like to learn more about selling a luxury home in Alpharetta, contact Atlanta Sold Sisters today to start a conversation. We’ll speak with you about your home with specific ideas to sell it for the best price.

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