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Atlanta Home Automation Trends for 2017

Atlanta SOLD Sisters
Feb 21 4 minutes read

Are you interested in buying a new home in Atlanta in 2017? If this is the case, you will very likely have an interest in all of the fascinating new Atlanta home automation trends that are emerging. Some of these trends are still very much in the experimental stage. Others may soon become recognized staples that will eventually become universal throughout the world (and in homes for sale). Here is a quick overview of some of the newest and most exciting home automation trends that you are sure to be seeing much more of in 2017.

Atlanta Home Automation Will Soon Include New Security Updates

One of the most welcome trends in home automation has got to be the influx of excellent new security updates. Starting in the year 2017, many experts are predicting that homes in the Atlanta area will be equipped with DIY home security cameras. This is actually a more significant development than it may at first appear. For decades, many people have relied on old fashioned, analog signal security cameras that were quite inexpensive and unwieldy to implement. The new wave of digitally driven, portable security cameras, complete with professional monitoring, is a major breakthrough in home safety.

Amazon Echo Will Become More Prevalent in Atlanta Area Homes

Another major innovation that will reshape the face of home living in the Atlanta area will be the increased prevalence of Amazon Echo. If you aren't familiar with Echo, this is a new system that Amazon has introduced in order to compete with similar products offered by Apple, Google, and the like. If you're looking for a voice controlled speaker system that can integrate with other programs in your home (and in the cloud) and control them all from a single source, Amazon Echo is well worth your interest. Because of its many perks, this may be the voice activated control system that dominates 2017.

Smart Sprinklers Will Help to Make Water Usage More Efficient

One of the major issues that is confronting homes in the Atlanta area is responsible water usage. With the recent drought that plagued Atlanta and the rest of the Southeast at end of 2016, a lot of people are now interested in water conservation. As a result, water systems in Atlanta homes will be much more streamlined in design and efficient in operation. A number of integrated water supply systems are being developed that will allow users to regulate the flow of water through their homes. This will allow water to be used much more sparingly in the near future.

Your TV Will Become The Hub of Your Home Entertainment Network

One of the major Atlanta home developments for 2017 is perhaps one of the most predictable. Experts have been claiming for years that future homeowners will be able to control all of their various entertainment gadgets from one central source. As it turns out, your TV will very likely become the central hub from which you control all of your devices. You may also be able to expand the range of your various activities by linking them directly to your central TV system.

The Future's So Bright, You May Need to Wear Shades

While no one can completely predict the future, the above mentioned items are likely to play a very big part in it. These exciting Atlanta home automation trends are sure to be all the rage in 2017, and very likely for many more years to come. If you are interested in learning more about these trends, or about the Atlanta real estate market, now is the time to investigate. Contact Atlanta Sold Sisters for the latest news and information concerning the real estate market in Atlanta and the surrounding area.

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